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Although some published studies suggest that iboga derivatives attenuate opioid- and ethanol-induced behaviors in both rodents and humans, ibogaine is listed in the United States as a Schedule 1 controlled substance and is not licensed for the treatment of addiction (or any other medicinal use) due to its hallucinogenic and cardiovascular side effects, as well as the lack of protection and efficacy. It remains unregulated and unlicensed in most other countries.

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It is paramount to weigh the pros and cons of treatment when it comes to ibogaine therapy. You will obtain intensive assistance from highly qualified clinicians when you strive to beat your addiction thanks to ibogaine therapy. The risks associated with purchasing ibogaine online and attempting to use the medication on your own can also be avoided. Best of all, you will get the support you need to resolve your addiction by consulting with medical practitioners who understand all facets of the treatment, and build a strategy to control your addictive habits, both now and in the future, to purchase Iboga seeds online.

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