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The Sheps Cut Penis Envy shroom has beautiful mycelium, and it also has a fast-colonizing speed. It shares similar traits with its parent strain, the  Penis Envy strain; it has caps that don’t open fully, its stems are thick and colorless. They have lovely mycelial patterns under their caps. It has rapid growth and also has the main traits of the Penis Envy strain. 

Like the original Penis Envy strain, you can experience a powerful high feeling. If you are a newbie to shrooms, this is not your strain. If you eagerly want to try this as a newcomer, ensure you take smaller doses at a slow rate. Based on reports, you get to have spiritual enlightenment. You can enjoy this strain with your friends. If you want to achieve self-exploration, you may take it alone far from social variables that can influence your experience. 

The euphoria and excitement mood sets in after 10-30 minutes of consuming the Shepherds Cut Penis Envy Strain shrooms. The mild and intense visual enhancement experience depends on the level of dosage. Everything around you will become lively animate and inanimate, nature inclusive. Arts and music become different, and you tend to appreciate them better. You get to have a better connection with things around you. The usual dose for Trans Envy dose is (0.5 to 1.5gram). The enjoy a 3 to 6-hour trip; you’d need a moderate dose of around (2 to 3gram).

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